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            Juice Extractor

            Electric centrifugal juice extractor

            Normal Blender

            Portable multifunction blender

            Multifunction Chopper

            Multifunction electric meat chopper

            ABOUT US

            Zhongshan Junguo Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003 which located in the beautifual “chrysanthemum city” -Xiaolan town,Zhongshan city ,Guangdong province,

            Factory advantage

            over 20 years production experience, high standard production lines and professional workers

            Quality Control

            Quality control runs through the selection of materials, various production links and inspection before shipment

            sale Service

            1 year warranty since the goods arriving to our customer

            ODM&OEM Service

            Not only custom branding, we could also provide suitable solutions satisfying your need.

            Latest Products

            A modern home appliance manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.




            Hand blender

            Milkshake mixer

            Baby food blender


            Centrifugal fast juicer

            hot sale industrial automatic portable multifunction apple juicer machine

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            Creative, organized, responsible, enthusiastic

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