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            Citrus juicer introduction

            time:29 Sep Wed Views:

            This machine is suitable for oranges, lemons, oranges, pineapples, limes, grapefruits, grapefruits and other citrus fruits, directly from 25 mm to 140 mm, without peeling, without grading, directly squeezing juice.

            This machine is mainly composed of feed inlet, pressure roller, cutter, scraper, cutter, brush roller, cutter gap adjustment device, juice outlet, frame, transmission mechanism, leather screw conveyor, slag screw conveyor, etc.

            Citrus juicer introduction(圖1)

            Its main working principle is: turn on the power, pour the material into the feeding port, the fruit will go from the hopper to the middle of the pressure roller, the pressure roller rotates in the opposite direction, and the surface of the pressure roller has a punch. According to the friction of the knife tip, the fruit is pressed into the lower gap from the middle gap of the pressure roller, and the fruit is cut in half under the action of the pressure roller and the cutting knife. Driven by the rotation of the squeezing roll, the gap between the two squeezing rolls and the arc screen under the squeezing roll is gradually reduced. Under the action of the squeezing roll, the fruit is squeezed, and the juice is squeezed out of the juice collecting tank through the sieve holes , The juice is discharged from the juice outlet. The cutting knife gap adjustment device can adjust the upper and lower arc sieve to control the amount of fruit juice. There are cutting knives on both sides of the arc screen (the cutting knives can be adjusted up and down to control the ratio of the outer skin and the remaining pulp). The remaining pulp can be divided into the outer skin and the remaining pulp of the fruit. The remaining pulp can be discharged through the filter to the slag screw for conveying In the machine, the outer skin on the top of the pressure roller can be scraped off by a scraper and discharged to the skin screw conveyor.

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