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            Five juice drink dry cured dry, sugar cane juice can heat cured cured

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            Peking University People's Hospital inpatient nutrition division dietitian Wang Bo poetry: sugarcane heat Runzao, is the winter cured fire diet Jiapin, relieve winter dry cough caused by the effect is very good. Because sugar cane eat very troublesome, and now some fruit stalls are squeezed sugar cane juice to sell, and some people figure save trouble in the fruit stand to buy machine juice directly drink, though cool and sweet, but usually in a non-closed or open-air environment Operation; secondly, sugarcane sugars higher juice if not timely cleaning, easy to breed bacteria; In addition, the supermarket to sell bottled sugar cane juice due to the addition of a preservative, not as good as fresh cane. Therefore, to drink sugar cane juice, the best squeeze their own, buy outside the words to choose good health of the regular stores or supermarkets.
            Elderly teeth bad mouth, the child's teeth have not yet fully developed, appropriate to drink sugar cane juice is good, but for normal adults, the best direct eating gnawing, not only more conducive to the absorption of nutrients, but also because more sugarcane fiber, repeated Chewing, but also to remove some of the dirt and teeth remaining in the mouth and teeth cleaning, but also on the teeth and oral muscles, an exercise. Before eating sugarcane can be on the heat for a while, in addition, due to sugarcane-rich sucrose, high blood sugar or people with diabetes try to eat less.
            Wu Zhi drink dry heat cured
            In addition to squeezing juice alone, sugar cane and other ingredients are juiced together is a good drink. Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Liu Zexuan director of nutrition said that for the elimination of winter heat caused by lit, Chinese medicine there is a very good diet, that is, "five-drink" is the sugarcane and other heat and fluid effects of the four kinds of Ingredients: water chestnuts, pears, reed rhizome, Ophiopogon were squeezed into juice and then with the drink.
            Rehmannia, Ophiopogon fresh with the best, but not easy to find in winter, go to the pharmacy to buy some dried goods. However, if you use dry products, you need to reed rhizome, Ophiopogon first into the pot to boil until the water is relatively small pot and then squeezed into a good water chestnut juice, sugar cane juice and pear juice inside.
            It should be noted that water chestnuts, sugar cane and pears in the juice should be removed when the skin, especially water chestnuts, the purple black skin may be attached to the invisible ginger worms, juice must be peeled before washing, the above Small eyes have to deal with clean. In addition, sugar cane can also be replaced with lotus root.
            Due to the "five juice drink" heat fluid effect is very good, get angry in winter, appropriate to drink well, especially the Yin Huo wang, dry mouth, throat drunk the best, but note that if there is spleen and stomach Cold, cold hands and feet and other symptoms, it is not suitable, the best drink or drink less.
            Related reading: Chinese stress pay attention to different performance according to the fire is divided into several categories to see how the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Xiyuan Hospital, Professor Yang Li Weaponry.
            Go to the stomach fire by the court
            End of the year dinner, gluttonous cuisine, it is easy to cause indigestion, constipation, swollen gums, bad breath and other symptoms. In fact, this is a good stomach to blame.
            Daily often click on the dorsal metatarsal in the Ministry of the junction of the medial ankle cavity in front of depression, the stomach heat, the role of stagnation has a good effect. You can also buy bamboo leaves in the pharmacy to drink tea, each bubble 3 to 5 grams on it, to ease the stomach fire have a great effect. Eat raw green every day, white radish, to relieve constipation has a very good effect, stool pass, stomach fire naturally disappear.
            Qingfei fire eat lily
            This year's northern winter snow has not yet delayed, coupled with dry weather, frequent haze, most likely to cause the body's strong lung fire, resulting in throat dry cough, bloody sputum and other discomfort. Lily has a good heat to the fire, lungs and cough, lung fire Wang people can eat more each day. There are many ways to eat, lily porridge, steamed lily, celery lily are all good choices, people with normal blood sugar can add some sugar, lungs better.
            Lower liver fire bubble cup of chrysanthemum
            End of the year can not buy tickets or traffic jams encountered on the road, people are often easily anxious, angry, dizziness and headache, dry mouth and other symptoms, which are mostly due to strong anger caused.
            Do not underestimate the most common habit of drinking chrysanthemum tea, drink chrysanthemum tea, quite stress. Enjoy tea Chanyu, not only a calm meditation quite elegant thing, but also scattered heat, defeated the anger. Chrysanthemum has scattered wind and heat, Liver eyesight, antidote and anti-inflammatory effect, when the bubble can also be appropriate to add some green tea or honey, the effect will be better. In addition, eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit, but also easy to defeat.

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